Mystic Minimalist Artisan Jewelry

Mystic Minimalist Artisan Jewelry is a handmade artisan jewelry shop in Vernal, Utah.

The Brief

Monica at Mystic Minimalist Artisan Jewelry needed a brand new website. She needed a full-feature e-commerce website and integration to her Facebook/Instagram Shops.

The Project

After developing a color scheme that was pleasing I started building the layout. I then started creating the informational pages then incorporated the e-commerce system and added products. I also added e-gift cards that the customers can either select a preset amount or their own custom amount. Lastly I connected the e-commerce system to Facebook/Instagram Shops.


Mystic Minimalist Artisan Jewelry Website
Mystic Minimalist Artisan Jewelry

Responsive Design

The key to any website’s success is a responsive design and layout. At Walston Net Design I go one step further by creating adaptive designs. This lets me optimize the layout to give mobile customers the information they need.

Customers using different devices get the information they want quickly and easily. Mobile menus are adapted to make it easier to find what you want on different devices.

I love EVERYTHING about my website, from the style, the functionality, the ease of use and that I can quickly have it updated or maintained at any time. Go check it out, you'll see

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